A design and build contract takes your project from start to finish.

Design and build is a fast-track construction method used throughout the world for many types of projects, not only within the construction industry. Design and Build contracts resolve the problems of having several companies responsible for the completion of a single project. Total responsibility for the project sits with one company.

The key advantages to the client are that the project is:

  • Simpler: the entire project is wrapped in a single contract with a single point of contact throughout the entire process. There is no involvement with paperwork and Spanish bureaucracy
  • Safer: a fixed price for the entire project covered by a single warranty
  • Better planned: the cost of the project is established at the planning stage not after the design is finished
  • Faster: construction begins as soon as planning permission is received because there is no time-consuming bidding process
  • Cheaper: it can be surprising how much time can be saved by a well planned and executed project. A faster construction phase reduces labour costs which are by far the greatest part of the total project cost.

Probably the most important benefit is the Construction Manager being involved at the design stage. As a consequence of his involvement the design costing uses accurate construction costs. The experience of the Construction Manager introduces real world pricing of materials and years of practice estimating the labour time and associated costs of the various construction methods that the designers and engineers propose. This prevents the need for home designs to be redesigned after the tenders are in due to the theorectical design costs being incorrect.

Our turnkey service includes producing the design and engineering plans, obtaining the required licences, insurances and permits before the project begins and managing the construction through to handover to the client.

As the main contractor we retain full control over the costs, timeframe and quality and offer a fixed price contract to our clients.


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